Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Florentine Mobility (getting 'round in Michelangelo's town)

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Florence last month visiting my eldest daughter, Charlotte, who had chosen this Spring to visit Italy where she could properly learn
to eat, drink and smoke.
And being the transportation enthusiast that I am, I could not help but look around and see how folks move about in Florence.

As in most of those warm weather Mediterranean towns, Scooters rule! All shapes, all sizes and all ages buzzing about incessantly. This young man is operating his scooter in a safe fashion with both hands on the handlebars.
Typically it's one hand on the bar while the other is holding either a cell phone or a cigarette.

And yet, many Italians are getting around on bicycles. No helmets though which is totally insane given the behavior of Italian drivers.

Plenty of places to park. Most if not all of the bikes were very utilitarian in nature. No show horses here.

These are simple working

The mailman's bike. How's that for functionality Tom?

What is it about segways??
Regardless of where you happen to be riding one (plaza outside the Duomo in this photo) you still look so silly on it.

Florence like many other cities around the world has climbed aboard the bike share bandwagon.
These were available right outside the train station. I honestly did not see a single person pedaling one during our stay.
I still have doubts about these programs. I think when you remove the ownership aspect of having the bike, you are much less likely to actually care for it.

Florence has quite a few of these cute little natural gas powered buses,
perfect for squeezing down ancient cobble lanes.

If Florence ever decides to organize a Tweed Ride, here's their poster girl!

Italians do love their bicycles...

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  1. fantastic photos! i want to be there right now, and i'd happily ride one of those bike shares.