Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Family Ride of the Season, Coming Soon!

Finally, the snow is melting and small signs of Spring are peeking through - crocus leaves inching up out of muddy ground, a few more bikes on the road...
In just a few weeks, SOMbike will host its first family ride of the season.
We'll bring pumps to the meeting place, in case your bike tires need air after this long winter.
Join us! It feels great to get moving again!
Date: March 13, Sunday.
Time: 10 AM
Place: NJ Transit Parking Lot, Baker St. and Maplewood Ave., Maplewood
Wear Green!

Check on if in doubt about the weather.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Climate Ride....

In case you don't know, Climate Ride is a long distance bike ride with around 100 individuals coming together to learn about climate change and clean energy, fundraise for a safer future, and have the time of their life. Climate Ride NYC-DC goes from May 13-17 this year.

The 1Sky Climate Ride team now has five members (!) who will be riding from New York City to Washington, DC to raise awareness and donations for climate action. I think this is what they mean by "when the rubber meets the road." In this case, it's when the climate movement gets stronger.

The five riders (Laura, Tarik, Alex, 1Sky Policy Coordinator Jason Kowalski, and Alex) want some more company. Go to the Team 1Sky page, check out the ride details, and hit the big button that says "Join This Team!" When you register, be sure to choose 1Sky as your beneficiary when prompted.

During the ride, all food, camping space, bike maintenance, and fun are provided for you. We'll sleep at retreat centers along the way, hear great presentations, and see this part of the country in a way that few ever will. So join Team 1Sky. We'll get healthy, get informed, and get involved in building a clean energy future for us all.

Thanks for all of your support,

Alex Bea
1Sky Internet Communications Coordinator
T (301) 270-4550 x231 *

PS: If you live on the West Coast, worry not. Climate Ride California is coming back in October and we'd love to have you on board for that was well.