Thursday, November 17, 2011

Complete Streets [policy] offers a way toward zero fatalities

We are recommending a Complete Streets policy to our town governments. It's good for everyone.

Please read the Op-Ed piece that James Simpson wrote. Simpson is commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notes from last night's SOMbike meeting

Laura Torchio, from BIKE /WALK MONTCLAIR, brought along amazing support materials for how the Complete Streets policy has been adopted in various NJ towns (and in Monmouth County), as well as detailed presentation notes, and reflections on her group's experience - this will be invaluable to us as we move forward in planning our own presentation this January at the Maplewood Library, and in how we can build support for these efforts in both towns. Also attending the meeting last night, were members of the Transportation Committees from both town, who provided important background and perspective.For this public meeting, we want to target different corners of our community - walkers, parents, senior citizens, others... If you have ideas for people/groups that we should reach out to, please email us or bring to the next SOMbiek meeting, on Wed., November 30th, at 8 PM.Additionally, weather permitting, we will have two group rides Thanksgiving Week-end, so double the opportunity to work off the cornbread stuffing and apple pie.Sunday, 8 AM & 2 PM, leaving from the NJ TRansit PArking Lot, Maplewood AVe. & Baker. The route will be ten miles, through some very pretty back roads in Short Hills & Millburn. Anyone at last night's meeting want to add/comment?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Laura Torchio To Speak At SOMbike Meeting 11/15, 730 PM

Laura Torchio, President of Bike & Walk Montclair will meet with us Tuesday night and talk about the strategy they used to get Montclair to adapt the Complete Streets policy.

Here is the resolution from Montclair's adoption of Complete Streets in 2009:Montclair, NJ - Marking a first in the state, Montclair’s Mayor and City Council unanimously voted in favor of a Complete Streets Policy at their October 6 meeting. The policy first drafted by the Township Engineer, ensures that in both new construction and reconstruction, travel by pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit, and motorized vehicles and their passengers shall be safely accommodated. Following a failed attempt to adopt complete streets hindered by fear of costs, the new policy mandates additional costs for pedestrian, bicyclist, or transit accommodations over 5% be funded by local tax dollars. We hope Montclair will arrive at the same conclusion as other communities implementing complete streets: following complete streets policies add little to no expense to existing transportation budgets.

if you plan to attend the meeting, please email for more information

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Special bike stolen


Stolen from my home in Maplewood at around 10:30pm on November 7, 2011.

CASH REWARD if you bring it back to me. CASH REWARD if you lead me to the person who had it or has it. This bike is not only valuable to me, it has a lot of sentimental value. I put a lot of handiwork into building it.

Brand: Surly

Model: Cross Check

Color: Brown, though it may be painted by the thief

Distinctive features: Unusually shaped mustache handlebars. Drum brake hubs (i.e. the brakes are in the wheel hubs; they don’t grab the rims). Silver fenders.

Phone: 973-821-3662

Monday, November 7, 2011

SOMbike's Kate Cahill Runs for Town Council!

Let's Shake Things Up! Tomorrow is the election - Kate is a write-in candidate. Here's is a brief statement from Kate:

For being a small town, I see an awful lot of gridlock here - we should be quick, agile and responsive and pride ourselves on that!

It is critical is to improve the efficiencies around how Maplewood is governed - by adding clarity, accountability and transparency and inclusiveness to the functions of our all of our governing committees. To that end, we should examine our structure and consider if is this the ideal approach for today's challenging times. Navigating the local government structure is needlessly cumbersome and time consuming. Can we make our all of our committees, who can play a tremendously vital role, work in a more integrated fashion, communicate better, and in doing so, be more open and responsive to the needs of our town? Without a doubt. There's little excuse with the technology available today to not have each and every committee member on the same page. Steps such as these cost little to no money, yet they can yield better input for planning and produce better decision making with significant results for the town.

Friday, November 4, 2011

BCBC Halloween Bike Scavenger Hunt, Saturday, Nov. 5

It's time for The Brick City Bike Collective's annual Halloween Bike Scavenger Hunt!
Saturday November 5th11:30am signup, 12 noon startStart & finish at Hells Kitchen Lounge, corner of Bruen & Lafayette, Ironbound NewarkPrizes in all categories, free lunch and drinks for everyone after the race!Admission: it's free!
This is a great way to see the Ironbound area through the eyes of people who live and ride their regularly!Wear a costume and gain an extra 5 points!
Press release: