About Us

South Orange Maplewood Bicycle Coalition (SOMbike) is a citizen-based advocacy organization that aims to make our towns safe and welcoming for bicyclists, by promoting family group rides, education, signage, bicycle lane creation, additional bicycle rack placement and traffic rules enforcement.
We are bicyclists, commuters, parents, businesspeople, planners, and advocates for the full potential of our towns. We are committed to working with our neighborhoods, schools, and elected officials to make South Orange and Maplewood the most bike-friendly community in the state. We want to help bicyclists commute, exercise, enjoy scenic rides, take children to activities, and go shopping in increasing numbers in the immediate future. With its network of public transit options and parks, our towns provide the potential to support commuter and recreational bicycling.
We believe a bike-friendly South Orange and Maplewood is safer for everyone. Studies have shown that the mere presence of more bicyclists (and pedestrians) encourages motorists to drive with more caution and decreases accidents. Bicycle lanes not only tend to increase the number of cyclists but can act as a traffic calming measure, helping pedestrians navigate streets safely as well. Bicycling is also economical, easy on the environment, and transforms the average commute into a great workout.